Mission, Vision, History & Activities

Mission, Vision, History & Activities


The Educational Development Office serves the educational needs of the medical school—all faculty and students—by enhancing and developing the curriculum, helping faculty to improve teaching skills and encouraging institutional policy and evaluation that support health sciences education.


Two medical school candidates are sitting in the admissions office of a medical school, perhaps in Boston or Raleigh. One asks “What do you think of the University of Miami?” The other replies, “I hear the teaching is awesome.”

Value Statement

The following beliefs guide our efforts:

  • Expertise in teaching is not an end point but a life-long journey sustained by the desire for continual improvement.
  • Teaching must be appropriately valued and rewarded as a scholarly pursuit by the institution and the faculty.
  • Improving teaching and learning depends upon self-awareness.
  • Effective interpersonal relationships are critical to improving teaching and learning.
  • Teaching skills are learned through practice with feedback.
  • Teaching improvement efforts must respect differences in tasks faced by teachers, between teachers, and between students.


The Educational Development Office was created in the fall of 2002 to enhance teaching and learning in the medical school. An advisory council was chosen to develop terms of reference and procedures that would ensure the relevance of the office to the educational needs of the faculty. The advisory Council is represented by faculty with vast educational experience and varied backgrounds.


We aim to cultivate the three core branches of educational development: organizational, instructional, and faculty. In addition, we aim to foster the scholarship of teaching and learning. Faculty collaboration is invited in all projects.

Organizational Development

To increase the institutional value and recognition of education and to foster a supportive attitude toward education at the UMMSM, the EDO engages in the following activities:

  • Document and report the quality and quantity of teaching efforts of faculty members;
  • Maintain a guide to the construction of educator’s portfolios for support of promotion and tenure, www.mededu.miami/edu;
  • Organize school-wide Educational Grand Rounds;
  • Develop a cadre of clinician-educators who act as educational resources, advocates, and planners of educational activities;
  • Support advanced degrees in medical education;
  • Offer an educational fellowship program;
  • Strengthen connections with external educational networks and resources.
  • Support the efforts of the Academy of Educators

Faculty Development

To enhance teaching skills and increase understanding of education the EDO engages in the following activities:

  • Introduce evaluation driven methods and classroom research;
  • Provide individual consulting;
  • Plan and coordinate workshops and seminars with ongoing follow-up:
  • Assist faculty in accessing the education literature by providing books, articles, and Internet-based resources, and organizing journal clubs, book chats, and newsletters;
  • Organize and support peer consultation models like “Alliances for Change”;
  • Support an on-line resource of faculty development activities;
  • Support the use of instructional technology in faculty educational effort.

Instructional Development

To enhance the curriculum, in collaboration with the Curriculum Office, the EDO engages in activities that foster:

  • Active learning;
  • Problem-based learning;
  • Learner-centered teaching;
  • Life-long learning;
  • Curriculum alignment;
  • Coordination of program evaluation with curriculum and faculty development.


To encourage and assist faculty in educational research and scholarship the EDO engages in the following activities:

  • Provide individual consultation and assistance to faculty interested in acquiring the skills of educational research;
  • Provide individual assistance to faculty in constructing promotional materials for a career based on educational research;
  • Organize seminars on research methods in medical education;
  • Introduce faculty to classroom research and other approaches;
  • Post a list of UMMSM educational research projects on the EDO website.

Administrative Structure of the Educational Development Office

The Educational Development Office provides services to anyone within the Miller School of Medicine. The Office is in the Dean’s central education administration and not affiliated with a particular department or division.

Want to learn more?

Contact us or visit our office on the second floor Rosenstiel Medical Science Building, Rm 2173.

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