Grand Rounds : Archive, 2013-2014

Dr. Steven L. Kanter

Steven L. Kanter, MD, serves as Vice Dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM), where he has been a faculty member since 1991.

Dr. Kanter draws from a diverse background of experience that includes clinical medicine, medical informatics, medical education, and medical school administration. In 1992, Dr. Kanter was recruited to develop the Office of Medical Education at UPSOM. He served as the founding director of that office and subsequently was appointed Associate Dean of Medical Education, during which time he was a key part of the team that guided the implementation of a new medical student curriculum. He was promoted to Senior Associate Dean in 1999 and Vice Dean in 2002, assuming responsibility for faculty and academic affairs. He played a key role in reformulating guidelines for the appointment and promotion of faculty, developed the rationale for extending the maximum pre-tenure period for clinical faculty from seven to ten years, and established a system of promotion pathways at UPSOM which provides an explicit framework for career development.

Dr. Kanter’s work has been recognized with several awards and honors including the Student National Medical Association (Pittsburgh Chapter) Black Bag Award, a UPSOM Excellence in Education Award, and the UPSOM Distinguished Service Award in Medical Education (the highest honor in medical education bestowed by the School). In 2007, his research on defining the correctness of a diagnosis won the Patil Award (best research presentation) at the annual meeting of the Association of Medical Education in Europe.

In his current role as Vice Dean, Dr. Kanter oversees the School’s faculty affairs and all academic programs. This encompasses a broad range of responsibilities including supervising the faculty appointments and promotions process, developing educational policy and procedure, supporting faculty development programs, participating in institutional advancement activities, and representing the school at local, state, and national levels. From 2008 through 2012, Dr. Kanter served as the editor-in-chief of Academic Medicine, the peer-reviewed journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

He is a member of a number of local, regional, and national committees and task forces. Dr. Kanter’s contributions reflect a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience with medical school, teaching hospital, and university issues. He continues to be instrumental in advancing the academic mission in a changing health care environment.