Grand Rounds : Archive, 2003-2013

Dr. Teri Turner

Teri Turner, MD, MPH, MEd is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, where she serves as the newly appointed Director of the Center for Research, Innovation, and Scholarship in Medical Education for the Department of Pediatrics, the Director of the Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship, Associate Director of House Staff Education, and the Chair of the Committee for Faculty Development for Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. She is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Educators at Baylor and serves on its Executive Steering Committee. She has been involved nationally with the Academic Pediatric Association Pediatric Educational Scholars Program and is the incoming director of the 2010-2013 scholar groups. She is the first author of the Clinician-Educator’s Handbook, a 235 page online book designed to aid clinician’s in their day -to-day teaching duties. She serves on the American Academy of Pediatrics editorial board for PediaLink, the online center for lifelong learning. She has received numerous awards recognizing her educational excellence and leadership in her Section, Department and at the College of Medicine and was awarded the Dean of Medical Education’s Service Award in Faculty Development. Dr. Turner has had educational workshops accepted at meetings of the American Association of Medical Colleges, Generalist’s in Medical Education, and the Pediatric Academic Society. She was a Co-Investigator on the NIH Grant (RFA-OD-05-001) Relationship Centered Transformation of Curricula and was awarded an educational grant from the Association of Pediatric Program Directors to study the impact of a blended learning approach on faculty and resident satisfaction with endocrine teaching as well as numerous educational grants locally. She was a National Pediatric Faculty Development Scholar and received support from HRSA for this training and to present the results of her educational endeavors. She is a Harvard Macy Institute Leading Innovations in Health Care and Education Scholar and returned in 2010 to serve as a small group facilitator in this program.