Grand Rounds : Archive, 2003-2013

Dr. Scott Rogers

Scott Rogers, M.S., J.D., is a Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law where he founded and directs its Mindfulness in Law Program. Scott is creator of Jurisight®, one of the first programs in the country to integrate mindfulness and the law and broke ground introducing neuroscience research along with contemplative practices in the legal context. A nationally recognized leader in the field of mindfulness, Scott has taught mindfulness to thousands of professionals including lawyers, physicians, law students, medical students, therapists, parents, and educators. Scott collaborates with cognitive neuroscientist, Amishi Jha, and together they are exploring the enduring brain and behavior changes that may accompany mindfulness training programs. He is co-director of the University of Miami’s Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative.

Scott is author of “The Six-Minute Solution: A Mindfulness Primer for Lawyers,” “Mindfulness for Law Students,” “Mindful Parenting,” “Attending: A Physician’s Introduction to Mindfulness” (CD), and the forthcoming “Mindful Ethics.” He has spoken at law and scientific conferences, appeared on television and National Public Radio, and been interviewed in newspapers and magazines for his work on mindfulness.