Grand Rounds : Archive, 2003-2013

Dr. Hilliard Jason

“Hill” has devoted his career since the mid-1950s to finding ways to help enhance and humanize teaching and practice in the health professions. He is the first person known to have pursued medical and educational doctorates simultaneously, and was responsible for the two largest studies of medical teaching ever done. Hill was Founding Director of the Office of Medical Education Research and Development at Michigan State University and of the Division of Faculty Development at the AAMC. In the 1980s he was Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and of Family Medicine at the University of Miami, and since 1990 he has been Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver. He is former Editor of Education for Health: Change in Learning and Practice. Dr. Jason has presented keynote addresses, offered workshops and/or been a consultant on aspects of education in the health professions in 36 countries, and twice lived in Europe for extended periods, while consulting with the World Health Organization. Together with his wife, Jane Westberg, PhD, Hill has co-authored seven academic books on aspects of teaching and learning in the health professions, and he has co-authored and hosted more than 60 educational video programs.