Grand Rounds : Archive, 2003-2013

Dr. Daniel Federman

Dr. Federman spent most of his career at Harvard and Stanford where he was the Professor and Chairman in the Department of Medicine. For over a decade he was the Dean for Medical Education at the Harvard Medical School.

He has held many distinguished positions and received many honors during his long career. Those most pertinent to medical education are: President of the American College of Physicians, Carl W. Walter Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Medical Education at Harvard Mmanedical School, Massachusetts Physician of the Year, Distinguished Teacher Award of the American College of Physicians, Endocrine Society Distinguished Educator Award, AAMC Abraham Flexner Award for Distinguished Service to Medical Education and the David Rall Medal, Institute of Medicine.

We are delighted to report that he has been an adjunct professor here at the Miami Miller School of Medicine for about 6 years and has been involved in various teaching activities. He is the second person to be named in the Laurence Fishman visiting professor. His publications are well known both in the field of medical education as well as endocrinology. Recent topics reveal his broad and humane interests: “Protecting Research Participants”, “The physician’s responsibility toward hopelessly ill patients”, “The endocrine patient”, “The education of medical students: sounds, alarums, and excursions”.