Grand Rounds : Archive, 2003-2013

Dr. Brownell Anderson

M. Brownell Anderson (Brownie) is Senior Director for Educational Affairs at the Association of American Medical Colleges. She has been employed at the AAMC for 25 years. She is responsible for curriculum and evaluation programs of the medical student education programs, nationally. She serves as the Executive Secretary for the AAMC’s Group on Educational Affairs(GEA) and the Group on Regional Medical Campuses (GRMC) and directs the AAMC’s Curriculum Management and Information Tool (CurrMIT) project, the Medical School Objectives Project (MSOP), and the Graduation Questionnaire. Brownie is the editor of the annual Proceedings of the Research in Medical Education Conference and edits “Really Good Stuff” an annual collection of reports of medical education innovations, published in the journal, Medical Education. She has published numerous articles on medical education. In 2009 she received a grant from the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation to work with new and developing medical schools.

She is continuing her work in international medical education at AAMC that includes collaboration with USAID; serving as adjunct faculty at the Arabian Gulf University; and a variety of projects in collaboration with the Foundation for Advancement of Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

Brownie received her degrees from Washington University and the University of Illinois and was employed at SIU School of Medicine prior to coming to AAMC.