Grand Rounds : Schedule 2015-2016

Dr. Mark H. Swartz

June 26, 2015, Dr. Mark H. Swartz will discuss the topic: “Establishing and Managing a Standardized Patient Program: The “Musts” & The Pitfalls

Dr. Lisa Martinez

September 25, 2015, Dr. Lisa Martinez will discuss the topic: Starting a residency program: Utilizing innovative processes to train Internal Medicine physicians

David Green, M.S.

October 30, 2015, David Green will discuss the topic: Blended learning, learner-centered activities, flipped classrooms, ’Cane Academy

Jamie Padmore, MSc

November 20, 2015, Ms. Jaime Padmore will discuss the topic Academic and Employment Law: Navigating Academic Issues in Residency Training

Dr. Dan Hunt

February 4, 2016, Dr. Dan Hunt will present the topic: Accreditation as More than a Regulatory Function

Dr. Melissa McNeil

February 26, 2016, Dr. Melissa McNeil will present the topic: Generational Differences

Dr. Eric Holmboe

April 7, 2016, Dr. Eric Holmboe will discuss the topic Realizing the Promise of Competency based Medical Education