Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities

Who is eligible?
Any faculty member or staff at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is eligible.

What is a Faculty Learning Community?
A faculty learning community is a group of 5 to 8 faculty members or staff who engage in regular meetings for the purpose of increasing their knowledge about teaching, their motivation to pursue innovations, and to become more reflective and scholarly in their approach to teaching. The learning communities are expected to maintain their engagement for a year, although they may dissolve when they have met their objectives.

There are two categories of Learning Communities. One category comprises the cohort-based communities. These are aimed at enhancing the individual growth of the members in teaching, learning, career or personal development. Examples of cohort-based learning communities at the UMMSM are: Departmental Chairs for Enhancing Leadership, Orientation for Junior Faculty, Faculty Interested in Education as a Career Path. The Second category, topic-based communities, are aimed at specific teaching and learning need, issue, or opportunity. Examples of topic-based learning communities suggested at the UMMSM are problem-based tutoring, portfolio development, geriatric education and small group learning.

What resources support the communities?
The Educational Development office provides resources to help coordinate and facilitate the learning communities (e.g., room scheduling, publicity) and help the communities locate appropriate information resources and consultants.

What do you gain from joining a learning community?
Members of the communities will emerge with a tangible outcome: a paper presented at a conference, a publication, evidence of the success of a new skill measured with appropriate measures, new resources, connections with other teachers who have similar interests, friendships, and skill in the scholarship of teaching.

What does the Miller School of Medicine gain from your joining a learning community?
Members of learning communities often become peer consultants, present seminars to other faculty and consult with other faculty in areas in which they have developed expertise.

How can you join a Learning Community?
Contact the EDO office for additional information

FLCs the EDO has sponsored:

“Developing Web-Based Teaching Improvement Programs” facilitated by Dr. Jorge Ruiz
“Teaching Effective Communication Skills to Pediatric Residents” facilitated by Dr. Lourdes Forster :
“Enhancing Undergraduate Geriatrics Clinical Teaching,” Dr. Rose van Zuilen :
“Enhancing Residency Teaching Contact” facilitated by Dr. Paul Mendez
“Web-based, PBL facilitator training” facilitated by Dr. Richard Tiberius